VLADIMIR BURKANOV (Volodya) was educated as a wildlife biologist taking his Master’s Degree in Marine Mammal Studies in 1980 at the Kirov Agriculture Institute, Russia. Since 1979 he worked on many marine mammal research and conservation projects and fishery management in the Far-East Seas of Russia. In 1990 he received his Ph.D. in Environmental Studies and Ecology of Marine Mammals from the All-Union Research Institute of Evolution, Ecology and Morphology of Animals of the Academy of Science of USSR in Moscow. His main areas of interest are the distribution, abundance, and conservation of marine mammals in the North Pacific, His primary interests are Steller sea lion, ice associated seals, sea otters, walrus, harbor seals and marine mammal-fisheries interactions. He has conducted a number of joint marine mammal research projects with American and Japanese scientists in waters of the Russian Far East and Alaska, including the Kuril Islands, eastern part of Sea of Okhotsk, Commander Islands, and western Bering Sea.

For many years Dr. Burkanov worked for the Federal Committee of Fisheries of Russia in the Kamchatka region on various projects for the conservation of marine mammal and fish resources, fisheries data collection, developing satellite vessel monitoring system, and fishery regulations and fishery enforcement in the Russian Far East, including the Bering Sea. He served as a member of the Russian Far East Fishery Management Council (1995-1999) and the Scientific-Advisory Council on Marine Mammals of the Interdepartmental Ichthyological Commission of Russia (1984 to present). Volodya has been a member of the Society for Marine Mammology since 1993. At the present time he works for the Kamchatka Branch of the Pacific Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences and for Natural Resources Consultants, Inc. (Seattle, WA) under contract with the National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMFS/NOAA) conducting several marine mammal projects in Russian and Alaskan waters.

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